Conference Coordination

Graylynís Certified Meeting Planners draw on their extensive experience to provide personalized service and professional guidance throughout your meeting. Your conference coordinator will serve as a single point of contact to meet all of your meeting needs. As your meeting plans become better defined, your conference coordinator will quote specific facilities and services to further help you accomplish your meeting objectives. Explore a variety of ways to enhance your meeting by utilizing the expertise of our conference coordinators.


Tips for Hosting a Successful Conference

Location, Location, Location

A successful business conference will be held in a location that sets the perfect tone for your event.  If you are hosting a dignified, professional event, the latest twenty something hotel is not your best bet.  A unique memorable location will leave your attendees talking about your conference all year.  Use the conference theme to add accents and as a launching point for your invitations, goodie bags and giveaways.

Size Matters!

Your conference location should have rooms to fit all of your needs.  From large ballrooms to private board rooms and a fun party space, one size does not fit all.  Successful conference planners will make sure your attendees are comfortable and able to get the most of each event.  Think about how uncomfortable a room is that is too large or too small.  Pick the conference center which meets your needs; donít let a salesperson try to adjust your needs to fit them.


This is your time to shine in front of all of your clients, consumers, or members, your conference center should make this part easy.  Donít be tacky and not have the latest technology and audio/video equipment at your business conference.  Your attendees will also have tech needs; make sure they can stay in touch with and work on all that is important to them.

An Ounce of Prevention

Certified Meeting Professionals can make or break your business conference.  Planning is key, having an expert by your side will help you earn an exceptional rating on all your attendeesí surveys.  A productive and enjoyable meeting is dependent on room set up, food & beverage, and activities; and should only be left up to a qualified planner.  Pick your next conference center knowing that a professional partner in planning will only lead to your success.

Be Our Guest

Your conference attendees should be offered a unique and special stay.  Itís the little things that count; staff anxiously awaiting your arrival, fresh flowers in your room, or the removal of that scuff in your shoe.  These little touches take a personís experience from average to extraordinary.

One Final Thought on Planning a Business Conference Successfully

The entire experience will influence your conference attendeeís opinion of you and your organization; what will your venue choice reflect upon you?